Op-amps add noise, coloration, and harshness to a signal. With its incredible signal-processing power on every channel, easy store and recall of every setting, and the ability to record it all with just two mouse clicks, you’ll get spoiled fast! Get creative in the studio. This means that for fixed applications like clubs, churches, and auditoriums, you can always count on the same sound. Fat Channel signal processing and effects. Contact one of our regional U. XMAX preamplifiers are built with three key elements:

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Read more about XMAX preamps.

The drummer got stuck in traffic again. Learn more about Smaart. Studiolove 50 effects have easy-to-use parameter adjustment, tap tempo, and store and recall selection for the ultimate in creative flexibility.

Your mixing and recording needs aren’t pdesonus exactly the same as everyone else’s. A stereo graphic EQ on the mains is mandatory but you also want graphic EQ on the subgroups and auxes at times—four dual-mono, band graphic EQs would do the job nicely. Representatives Want to sell PreSonus products in your store?

That’s where the power of digital comes in: The net result of the XMAX preamp design is high headroom, low noise, wide dynamic range, extended frequency response, and—most important—musicality and transparency.


StudioLive | PreSonus

And an Automatic AutoStore feature regularly saves your current settings in case the power fails. Read more about the additional features in the StudioLive StudioLive Remote is easy to use, provides 16.4.2 of almost every feature of the StudioLive, and looks and feels like an iPad app should.

So when we designed StudioLive, one of our primary goals was to provide a familiar interface that would keep all critical controls visible and accessible —not buried inside multiple menus. Download Now Released May 08, View release notes But with XMAX preamps, the sonic quality is limited only by the microphone you plug into it.

Now your system can grow with your needs and budget! This product has been discontinued. Sample list of channel presets. You can say goodbye to that problem if you use a You’ve read and tried everything. Videos Seeing is believing—and in many cases, understanding. Process channels using your favorite plug-ins and completely automate your entire performance.

Download Now Released September 13, View release notes Blog Check out stories about tours by PreSonus artists, love letters and videos from customers, and stidiolive. Content and terms of the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite are subject to change.


Fat Channel studillive processing and effects. If you have a computer with 6-pin FireWire, you have a track digital recorder instantly ready to capture your gig, church service, or presentation.

Only with StudioLive AI. Windows 10 bit, Windows 10 bit, Windows 8. With other mixing systems, you use your eyes, ears, and EQs; wade in; and do the best you can.

We’ve provided plenty of written material about StudioLive. Despite its analog-like mixing surface, this is very much a digital console, and it offers features no analog mixer—and very few digital boards—can match.

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Learn more about Studio One. StudioLive AI mixers offer all of the features you expect in professional-class digital mixers and more. Product Repairs Click here to arrange repairs and check repair status for your PreSonus gear.