It reads like a buyer beware. Last edited by Amack; at You would scream into a mic, and it would “pop” and then work for another performance or two. The PC was an Intel P4 3. This thread is more about firewire problems, but I just thought I’d chime in. From the incredibly good-looking and rugged steel chassis, to the sealed potentiometers, Onyx-i mixers are built with only the best components available to survive years of abuse. Right between the cutoff and the resonance knobs Status:

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I’ve used Mackie stuff quite a lot in a proffesional context.

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I really wanted one of these. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Right between the cutoff and the resonance knobs Status: I’m not a huge Mackie fan, but I do have a huge fan for my Mackie. All times are GMT Skip to main content.

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I’d be surprised if that worked at all. And since ours was just turning 4 that we should think about replacing it. The last track “Audio aasio shows how I calculated the net sample delays in the track comments in an attempt to address mesaone’s concerns about Windows Audio Device latencies.


Onyx-i Series

It might also just be a routing problem: What happens in your test when you use an interface with native ASIO drivers? The same preamps that fizz and sounded like mud. Onyx i Rack Ears.

I have read the other thread and looked at the attachment PDF screenshot and still cannot be sure what you have done. Having used both, 1640u would take the fireface any day of the week, but I don’t do a lot of ‘outside the box’ activities. I have uninstalled and re-installed CS6, and tinkered with every setting I can click on. So do you guys think this is just general issue with PC’s and not Mac’s? Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm. Glad you figured it out.

And what Lynn said: Don’t buy from Mackie folks The PC was an Intel P4 3. Onyx-i delivers the perfect blend of live mixing and recording, with a wide range of models to deliver solutions for any application.

Read this quote from a thread on www. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it does with IntelMac’s. The authors’ dealer Front End Audio arranged for a local tech to mod the consoles so the direct outs and Firewire outputs could be made post EQ. Is this person you? I seem to have a lot of communication problems on this DUC sorry – much of its terminology is new to meso please let me know if have any additional questions.


I appreciate the links, but I still cannot get it to work. Buffer latency compensation problem, Mackie Onyx i, PT11 native. But much to my surprize I found so many people are pissed off at Mackie for poor integration of the Firewire option and existing Chip sets. What is Pro Tool’s “System Qsio I have just been 2 months of sheer hell with Mackie http: