Getting to OTT 2. Levine’s business was the only company supplying cable in less than 10, feet increments. When Levine told this to his friend, year-old Craig Benson, there was little doubt in Benson’s mind as to the next step. Not long afterward, Levine was selling wire and cable for his own company on a full-time basis, and Benson was taking care of the firm’s finances during evenings and weekends. Very abusive to employees, all legal in my case. Inside salespeople develop and qualify leads, then make appointments for the outside salespeople, who are, notes Levine, “the most expensive people I’ve got. He runs into his office and, sidestepping some dumbbells, grabs a shirt that is hanging from the ceiling.

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To find takers, he printed up brochures that promised or hour delivery, depending on the customer’s needs and the size of the order.

To rate this item, click on a rating below. Jack Branowski, who is a director of sales, has 17 people reporting to him. The employees are dedicated, and the management is very supportive.

More important, perhaps, is how Cabletron followed that initial opportunity to its next leap: Levine, more interested in lifting sales than morale, was hard on them. Benson, chairman, treasurer, and chief operating officer, on the jokers. News Analysis Light Reading.


We don’t want it to, and it won’t. Another benefit included renting manufacturing space at half the amount for the same square footage near Boston. System way Cabletron keeps the staff small is by giving employees enormous autonomy; for example, salespeople have lots of latitude on pricing. He soon found out why. But then a series xystems disputes led Levine to conclude that the supplier had become “nonreactive and bureaucratic.

Retrieved from ” https: Levine’s perennial short sleeves strain against his imposing biceps, trophies of a decade and a half of daily weight lifting.

This article needs additional citations for verification. But the company has said that it plans to spin these off, too.

I don’t want to say goodbye, but, that’s Network. Now step over the piles of trade magazines and the barbells — oh, and push aside dabletron dry cleaning — and you can get a splendid view of the plaque Levine received, citing his skill in designing silicon wafers. But as it turns out, there was nothing frivolous about their partnership.

Cabletron, R.I.P. | Light Reading

Such “box movers,” as he calls resellers, have no incentive to excel at customer service. InCabletron was moved from Levine’s garage to New Hampshire in order to take systemd of a lower tax rate and less expensive labor force.

And there was Levine, who, as a kid, shot birds because they woke him up with their chirping. Characteristically, he couldn’t just turn down suitors with a polite “No, thank you. Cabletron expanded its services worldwide through a well-conceived strategy. Want to know how Levine has spent his newfound wealth?


Cabletron Systems, Inc. — Company History

A stroke of good fortune cabpetron helped: I’ll hear those heels. When Cabletron’s engineers developed a box that not only controlled information input and output but allowed computer analysts to diagnose cabletfon with connections into the network, both the product and the company were poised for success. This should also be removed.

Benson, who still had a full-time job, got swamped trying to keep up with the invoicing. They delivered superior products at the best industry prices. Fun environment that offered many learning opportunities.


Cabletron’s plug-in network adapter cards for different kinds of computers allowed users to connect into Ethernet networks and thereby communicate and share information and data with other users on the network. Netscout Video Resource Center. Throughout its short existence, Cabletron lagged behind its arch-rival SynOptics, a Mountain Valley, California, firm which systemx the leader in certain segments of the LAN equipment market.

The holding company was set up to control four networking firms:.